Who said there can be no insulated log cabins?

Who said there can be no insulated log cabins?

Very often, when we hear the word “garden buildings”, we imagine a building, that is really simple, that can be built quickly, that easily fits into landscape and that, sadly, is only useful when the weather outside is warm. Apparently, majority of garden buildings are useless is you try to live in them when the weather is poor. We want to change the way people think about log cabins. We proudly want to say that insulated log cabins exist. And you use them all year long.

Surely, insulation alone won’t help you, but it’s a great starting ground. We worked really hard to give our log cabins the best possible insulation so the warmth generated inside of the building stays, you get warm and you save money. It’s a great option for everyone looking for an alternative option to live. Good insulation, some heating inside, and in winters, your house will look charming outside, and will stay warm inside.

The design of these log houses is classical and it doesn’t get old. That’s very alike to the materials we used in our insulated log cabins. Only the finest Siberian timber has been used in the creation of these wooden houses. Same Siberian timber from the countrie that use it for their own houses and who endure the harshest winters there are to imagine. If you’re looking for something to last you through many winters, Siberian timber is a way to go.

And lastly, we have to take a nod at the price. Not only these log cabins are cheap on their own, they are also saving lots of energy. You can put heating into any kind of garden house but our option with highest quality insulation will save a lot of your time. And with a wooden house that easy to build, you’re also saving your time. “Eurodita” log cabins cares for you and your log cabin needs.

Look around our offers and pick one of our insulated log cabins. They can last for many years!